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“Metanoia” is an Orthodox Programme for the people, suffering from different dependencies: alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling and also for their relatives. “Metanoia” is not a 12-step Programme Fellowship, though it shares the philosophy of 12-steps, the way it is in Alcoholics Anonymous.  We try to help our participants to achieve physical and spiritual sobriety and also to live a conscious, meaningful and happy life with God and other people in terms of Christian Tradition. The leader of the Programme is the resident of Daniel monastery (Moscow) igumen Jonah(Zaymovskiy) 


We are glad to see everybody, who are seeking help: those, who consider themselves to be members of Orthodox Church. We guide poorly instructed  Christians to a return to a Union with God. We are happy to see those, who believe neither in God nor in themselves and have no any spiritual values.

“Metanoia” gathers AA people and Christian members together on the spiritual ground with their common problem to seek guidance in practical daily living for the restoration of human dignity in recovery.

You are welcome to “Metanoia” and we will try to solve our common problem through the recovering process.







“Metanoia” is a part of social activities of Moscow Daniel monastery (meetings are held on Saturdays from 14.30 till 16.00). The second group of “Metanoia” works in narcological dispensery (Kuusinena str. – 4, building 3; meetings are held on Thursdays from 18.00 till 19.30). The meetings are conducted under the guidance of a Christian priest together with a psychologist – a professional in the field of dependencies. About 50-70 people visit us every week. “Metanoia” cooperates with Moscow Narcological Service.


Our Programme is an Orthodox community for the majority and we consider Lord Jesus Christ to be our source of inspiration and encouragement with a great healing power. We belong to Russian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate, so we try to participate regularly in sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion.

The new icon of the Savior – “Jesus Christ is True Vine”, it has been created by our members.



We serve saint liturgy in our chapel in Narcological Dispensary (Kuusinena str. – 4, building 3). Besides a catechisation is open for our members. We have Website (, a contact phone:  +7-985-144-83-07, which works from Monday till Friday 19-22.

The leaders of the Programme give lectures on the topic “Pastoral care for dependent people and their relatives” for Moscow priests at the “Advanced Education Courses of clergy” (Novospassky Monastery).

Our Programme released a number of books about the alcohol and drug disease and pastoral care:


“True Vine”, where an Orthodox overview of 12-step Programme is given; and also elementary knowledge about the phenomenon of addiction.







“Sobriety Pages” - the first book is daily meditations for dependent people.






Welcome to Metanoia! We are ready to share our experience, strength, hope and faith with you! May God bless you and keep you – until then!



115191, Moskva, Danilovsky Val, 13a

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 1) Metro station "Tulskaya" (the last carriage from the centre), leaving the metro station turn back and go to tram lines, then turn to the right and go straight to

2) Metro station "Paveletskaya", take any tram till the stop "St. Daniel monastery"

The monastery opens for visitors from 6:00 to 20:00.